Burning too much does a non-strength workout really help you lose weight fast

We burn too much: whether non-strength training really helps you lose weight quickly

Admit it honestly, did you give yourself a promise to put yourself in shape by the summer? For sure astralean. Meanwhile, it's already April in the yard, and you, most likely, have not made any attempts to restrain him. But you still have a chance to keep your word. The main thing is to start training now and choose the most effective program for this. decided to figure out which types of non-strength training promises the fastest ...

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Admit it honestly, did you give yourself a promise to put yourself in shape by the summer? For sure. Meanwhile, it's already April in the yard, and you, most likely, have not made any attempts to restrain him. But you still have a chance to keep your word. The main thing is to start training now and choose the most effective program for this. decided to figure out which types of non-strength training promise the fastest possible results, and asked the experts whether one can really believe these promises or whether this is all ineffective.

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How many calories can be burned for a workout: from 480 kcal with a fairly vigorous pace

What they promise: regular jogging leads to a noticeable increase in endurance, strengthen muscles, improve mood and, of course, quickly get rid of extra pounds.

How it works: running is a classic aerobic load, in which the body is forced to consume more oxygen, due to this, the energy consumed, which is spent on intensive work of the lungs (and not only them), increases, therefore the body is forced to expend reserves deposited on the sides. But in order to achieve the desired results, it is important to monitor the heart rate and jogging speed.

“Cyclic activities are most effective for burning fatty tissue. One of the most common cyclical workouts is running. But short runs with low intensity will not bring the desired result. Interval training with alternating physical exertion of high and low intensity contributes to weight loss more. However, you need to remember that you first need to prepare the ligaments for such a serious load, and do not forget to alternate short interval workouts with long (more than an hour), but low intensity ones.

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In addition to fat burning during running, about 45% of the body muscles are involved, which has a very beneficial effect on the strengthening of all body systems, including strengthening the connective tissue elements of the musculoskeletal system. However, not everyone passes this type of cyclic activity due to the high risk of injury with increasing loads. It is necessary to prepare the body for high intensity. To prepare for a full jogging, the Scandinavian wrestling is perfect in combination with exercises with its own weight (deep attacks, leg outs, squats and bends, walking wide with high thigh lifting, etc.). ”

Bootcamp workouts

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How many calories Eurasian News Agency - What is better to choose cardio or strength training for weight loss can be burned for training: 800 - 1000 kcal

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What they promise: regular workouts will help you lose weight quickly, strengthen your muscular corset and create a body no worse than those of Victoria’s Secret angels.

How it works: the basic principle of the bootcamp workout is interval, functional and cardio exercises are combined. First, running on a treadmill at different speeds, tilting or with resistance, and then working with your own body weight, dumbbells and shock absorbers. And all this to the fiery music in the atmosphere of a nightclub. To get the desired results as quickly as possible, you need to attend classes at least 2 times a week. Excellent well-being and the first positive changes will become noticeable in two weeks, and dice on the press can be seen after 3 months of regular training.

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“Aerobics is the most“ ancient ”and at the same time the most popular type of training. This is a very effective method of losing weight. But today aerobics and shaping experienced a transformation, the result of which was the bootcamp program - an interval training on treadmills with equipment, in the atmosphere of a nightclub, conducted with the hits of modern music. With seeming complexity, this training is absolutely safe due to the presence of exercise options and the opportunity to choose the intensity of the practitioners themselves. ”


How many kcal can be burned for training: 600-800 kcal

What they promise: this high-intensity training promises the first noticeable results in almost two weeks of regular training 2-3 times a week (the main thing is not filing). And after a couple of months, the silhouette will become noticeably more accurate, the metabolism will accelerate.

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How it works: this is not a classic exercise on a stationary bike, where you can relax to pedal when you have already come to the gym, but you don’t really want to strain yourself. During the lesson, cycling will have to sweat a lot - the instructors set the rhythm and load, and they carefully ensure that no one takes a shirk. Training, as a rule, take place under the fiery music.

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“Cycling is one of the most effective workouts for quality weight loss, since all the muscles of the body are worked through. Judge for yourself: increase elasticity, tone and create a beautiful muscle relief of the legs; strengthening the muscles of the hips and deep muscles of the pelvis are strengthened, which contributes to the gradual reduction of the subpyretic fold; the abdominal muscles during training are always drawn in, which leads to its strengthening; Exercises with dumbbells of 1-2 kg give tone to the upper body - arms, back, upper shoulder girdle. The quality endurance is developing qualitatively as a pleasant bonus, and after training the hormones of happiness are strenuously produced!

But do not forget that cycling, like any other physical activity, has a number of contraindications, among which are diseases of the cardiovascular system, high blood pressure, chronic lung diseases, pregnancy and the postpartum period up to 6 months, injuries of the locomotor system apparatus. Also training is not recommended for children under 12 years old. ”

Elliptical trainer turinabol uk training

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How many kcal can be burned for training: 330-470 kcal

What they promise: numerous descriptions claim that regular elliptical training will help not only to quickly lose weight, but also to gain a beautiful relief and not sip your legs.

How it works: an elliptical trainer is a hybrid of a cycle path and a stepper, that is, it combines cardio and aerobic loads and can replace a full-fledged fitness program. It activates the work of all the How to lose weight with the help of running - Nogibogi. For all who love running major muscle groups: the buttocks, the back of the thighs, the lower legs, the deltoid muscles of the back, the abdominals, the shoulder girdle, and some of the arm muscles. Also, such exercises strengthen the cardiovascular system, increase endurance. As a result, you can get a uniform weight loss, strengthening the muscular system and working out even difficult areas.

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“Elliptical trainer is considered optimal for losing weight. Calories in this case are burned through active physical exertion, but not necessarily to engage in exhaustion. It will be enough to use the simulator several times a week. And the selected programs will also provide an opportunity to effectively eliminate cellulite and tighten the skin. But during training it is important not to forget to follow the pulse and well-being. ”


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