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Cardio before exercise or after strength

If you want to increase / maintain muscle mass, then do not do cardio Exercises with dumbbells at home before the main workout (meaning prolonged cardio, 30-60 minutes, and not a 10-minute cardio-on-track on the treadmill - it can be done) At strength training you need a lot of strength and energy, a full-fledged cardio before training will not allow you to train at full strength. Conducted research: of the two groups of people with the same level of training more weight on the power took those who did not do cardio before.

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Immediately after strength cardio is also not welcome, if you are afraid of losing muscle. It turns out that the average "rocking on the ground" can not be friends with the Spaniard "Cardio" at all. Daily workouts take away the energy that is needed for growth and full muscle recovery. This is especially true for ectomorphs.

If the goal is a harmonious muscular body and a minimum of fat, cardio can be done after a workout, but pace is important. After the power energy (glycogen) is at a minimum, so cardio is best suited at a moderate pace (30-45 min., 65-75% HR), where the main source of energy is not glycogen, but fat. HIIT workouts (20 min, 75-90% heart rate), do it separately from power trainings, or take a break for at least 6 hours between strength and HIIT (to save muscles).

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Do cardio need for muscle growth?

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For muscle growth, the most important thing is weight training (m, g), excess calories, as well as adequate time for rest and recovery between workouts. Therefore, cardio is not necessary. This is true for ectomorphs and mesomorphs.

If you are an endomorph and want to maintain a “rather low bharat serums% of fat” "on the mass", then cardio is still needed. Ideally, 3-4 days a week (on rest days; it turns out to be a power day, a cardio day), in the morning on an empty stomach or after drinking protein / vsaa. 2 days - low-intensity cardio (30-45 min., 65-75% HR), 2 days - HIIT (20 min, 75-90% HR). Not everyone has time for daily workouts, so you have to compromise. Determine the main goal - if this is muscle growth, then be sure to do 3 strength per week, and cardio if possible on rest days. If there is a place at home, then buy a treadmill / bike / elliptical trainer (10-20 thousand rubles option is enough for home workouts). Yes, these are additional expenses, but the time savings will be significant (at least an hour and a half for fees and the way to the hall). Do not do both cardio and strength in one day.

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Cardio and nutrition: starvation cardio (“fasting”)

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No amount of cardio will help burn fat if you overeat. Eating 100 calories is much easier than spending them. Running 30 minutes with average intensity, you can "work out" only 3-4 slices of bread or half chocolate (300 kcal). In order to “work out” lunch in fast food (1000-1500 kcal), it will take 2-2.5 hours to run.

At the same time, if you train a lot and at the same time “forget to eat”, then there will be no muscle growth. But the menu should consist of “proper food” - full-fledged proteins, healthy fats and slow carbohydrates. Gaining the right amount of calories with “good” food is not always easy.

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There are both supporters and opponents of low-intensity cardio on an empty stomach. Proponents argue that with this type of training, the body uses primarily fat for energy. Those. before training, carbohydrates are not needed - because they are not consumed Crossfit for weight loss for girls effective training program. This does not mean that carbohydrates to cardio can not be consumed. But they will go to providing you with energy throughout the day, and not during low-intensity cardio. Opponents of a fasting cardio (“starving cardio”) lead research that says that transporting fats that are split during such workouts requires energy from carbohydrates. Therefore, breakfast before cardio is needed. Nevertheless, there is no unambiguous opinion yet - experiment, see for yourself how comfortable it is to train and what results are obtained.

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If you do HIIT, then boldly include in the menu protein-carbohydrate “snack” 30-60 minutes before training (for example, 50g oatmeal and whey protein ladle). During HIIT, the body receives energy in the same way as during strength training - from carbohydrates Steroids in USA. This is due to the fact that you need a lot of energy at once, and from fat you can get it for a long time. Faster - from carbohydrates. The goal of HIIT is not to burn the maximum amount of calories in a workout, but to accelerate the metabolism for the whole day (which will allow you to spend more calories just sitting on a chair). This is again the similarity of HIIT with strength training. Therefore, do not do such workouts on an empty stomach. But the snack does not go "plus" to the daily rate. This is just one of the planned meals, part of the daily calories. After a workout, you can drink a protein shake (protein / carbohydrate ratio - 1: 2).

The best kind of cardio

The best and most effective form of cardio does not exist. We recommend changing your workouts from time to time - doing low-intensity cardio (running, cycling) and HIIT - high-intensity interval training (the same running and cycling, but with variable speed). It doesn’t matter if you are exercising in the gym or in the open air (yes, it’s fresh air outside, but it’s important not to skip workouts in any weather). Choose any simulator - bike, track or ellipse, etc. The main thing - to maintain the desired intensity. For example, during high-intensity HIIT intervals, apply maximum effort (90% HR), do not be lazy. If you combine cardio and strength training - remember that the best option is low-intensity cardio after strength training, and for HIIT you need to set aside a separate day.

To motivate yourself, change different types of cardio. For example, on one training session, walk uphill along a path (low-intensity cardio), and on the next - HIIT on an elliptical trainer. Changing workouts will help make cardio less boring. If possible, turn on your favorite series during a long-term cardio session, and for HIIT, choose your favorite music (we recommend the podrunner series of podcasts). These are the most obvious tips, but they work!

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