Cardio or strength training is better for drying and losing weight

Is cardio or strength training better for drying and losing weight?

Is cardio or strength training better for drying and losing weight? Find out which workouts are more likely to burn excess fat during a diet.

When it comes to “drying” and losing weight in a fitness environment, many people start to think about such unnecessary things as fasting, carbohydrate-free diet, the cult of “clean” food, fat burning products, sports nutrition regimens, training programs for celebrities and specialized tips for women.

If you do not care about all this empty information, you have come to the right place. Today we will tell all about strength training and fat burning and how to get maximum results during the "drying".

You can achieve any goals without deadly training on the treadmill. In fact, in order to get in shape, a few hours of cardio per week will be more than enough. In addition, you can eat any foods that you like. Yes, it sounds too good to be true.

But put aside your prejudices, and within 10 minutes you will learn that most people will never know, not only about burning fat, but also about creating a dream body.

Do I need to strive to lose weight?

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If a person has a lot of excess fat, he thinks he needs to lose weight. But it is not so.

You need to lose fat, but not muscle.

There is a huge difference. If your goal is to reduce the figure on the scales, you can lose weight ... eventually you will become thin, but with excess fat.

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This is because many vilafinil people restrict themselves too much during a diet and exercise too much. As a result, both fat and muscle are burned. However, if you save (or increase) muscle mass and get rid of excess fat, your shape will become much better.

Most people do not understand how much muscle mass they can lose if their diet is wrong. You will lose in strength and will look soft and flat.

Do cardio workouts need to burn fat?

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What is the first thing you need to do to get in shape? Of course, train. First of all, people resort to various forms of cardio-loadings for weight loss: jogging, swimming, cycling and others.

This is useful, but, unfortunately, fat burning does not help much. Many are gaining even more fat than they were before the “drying”. This happens for two reasons:

Calories spent during cardio are easy to fill.

Do you know how much energy is spent for half an hour of running? An athlete weighing 70 kg - about 400 kcal. Do you know what this is equivalent to? Handfuls of nuts, yogurt packaging and an apple. For sweet teeth - a few chocolate biscuits and a cup of milk.

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The point is not that you should not eat nuts, yogurt, apples or cookies if you want to lose weight.

Just a cardio load does not consume as many calories as is required for losing weight.

Of course, this contributes to weight loss, but your ultimate goal is not to lose calories, but to burn fat. If you eat too much, no cardio will help you.

The body quickly adapts to the cardio load.

When a girl far from sport loses Bench press standing up from behind the head, with chest - exercise, technique weight and faces stagnation, she always has one phrase in her head: "I eat too much." They do not even suspect that the body has adapted to expend less energy during training.

Studies show that during a calorie deficit, the body uses energy more economically.

This means that over time, the body will require less and less energy for training. So you spend less calories than you think. Because of this, you may stagnate in your workouts. In this state, many people linger for a long time, trying to overcome it with an even greater amount of cardio load.

Over time, this will lead to loss of muscle tissue and a slow metabolism. For this reason, it is not recommended to do a lot of cardio while “drying” the body. Do as much cardio as you need in order not to stop burning fat.

The best cardio for burning fat

The best type of cardio is the one by which you will consume a large amount of energy in a relatively short amount of time. So you can spend enough to burn calories, but save muscle mass.

Best of all, high-intensity interval cardio workouts (HIIT) cope with this task. This is a very simple method that can be applied to different types of cardio, including jogging, cycling, swimming, and even rowing.

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Its main idea is that you alternate high-intensity (on the verge of failure) load with low-intensity (during which the body is restored).

During the execution of a high-intensity load, you squeeze the maximum out of yourself, and during a lighter load you recover your breath and prepare yourself for the next jerk.

The truth about strength training and fat burning

Studies show that strength training is an effective way to lose weight. Then why most associate them with a set of muscle mass? Exercising in the gym is not so popular for burning fat for a simple reason: this is a bad way to lose weight, but a great way to burn excess fat and maintain muscle.

A study conducted at Duke University confirms this. It was attended by 196 men and women aged from 18 to 70 years. They were divided into three groups:

Engaged in a gym

These study participants conducted three strength training sessions per week. At each training session, 24 approaches were performed. Each workout lasted for an hour.

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Doing aerobic workouts

These study participants three times a week jogged with moderate intensity. Each workout lasted 45 minutes.

Combined strength and aerobic training

These participants performed both power and aerobic exercise. About five training hours a week came out.

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After 8 months, participants in the second group lost the most weight ... but most of it was muscle. The third group managed to burn fat and build muscle at the same time.

Many other studies confirm this: if you want to burn fat and maintain (or increase) muscle mass, you need to do both strength and cardio workouts.

Fat burning strength training

Strength training during the "drying" period is needed for the following purposes:

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Maintain muscle mass or promote its growth;

Spend a lot of energy.

The training process should be built BEET STAFF WITH BREAST SITTING OR STANDING. Army press around heavy base movements. “Heavy” means using a weight of 70% (and preferably 80–85%) of the maximum. This is great not only for gaining muscle mass, but also for burning fat.

A study published by Greek scientists found that training with heavy working weights (80–85% of the maximum) increases the metabolic rate for the next three days, which leads to a threefold consumption of calories compared to light workouts (45–65% of the maximum). Other similar studies confirm this.

Basic exercises are called polyarticular movements like squats, deadlifts, bench press and standing. And without research, it is clear that squats with a barbell consume more calories than lifting a barbell for biceps.

However, studies confirm that exercises for large muscle groups consume more energy during and after training buy testosterone enanthate than exercises on small muscles. Therefore, exercise hard if you want to promote your metabolism and burn fat, while building muscle.


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