How to lose weight in the legs tips and exercises from a fitness trainer

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What will help to lose weight in the legs - the tasks and their implementation

Oddly enough, but the question of how to lose weight in the legs most often ask those who just do not need to burn a lot Dumbbell bench press standing over the Academy of Sports of fat. Typically, the view is spoiled in the first place, cellulite, muscles are not in good shape and small fat deposits. These problems can be dealt with in a fairly short time. As for the "global" weight loss - here you can apply any healthy measures, and your legs will become slimmer. Well, the popular fitness horror stories about obstinate fat, which never leaves the feet for anything, are more likely to relate to competitive aesthetics, requiring not general form and beauty, but relief and a minimum of fatty layer. In any case, even the simplest measures will help to improve the appearance, and even the most stubborn fat gives up, you just need to make a little effort.

What to do to lose weight legs

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For a start, forget all sorts of popular wisdom like "from dancing legs lose weight, but from a bicycle - neither, nor". The American College of Sports Medicine published the results of the study, convincingly proving that 50 minutes of any activity of medium intensity 5 times a week is enough to normalize body fat. Well, we add - not necessarily straight to sweat in the fitness club, you can walk and do, for example, ballet exercises at home.

To lose weight, you need to do only 4 things:

normalize diet - subtract 300-500 kcal from the total energy consumption per day and eat that much, not more calories. Do not make sweets and fruits the basis of the diet, eat them as treats, and leave alone the idea of ??sitting a week on kefir - will not help. "Problem" zones are only amenable to long-term nutrition with a small calorie deficit, and not stressful attacks on the diet;

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find yourself an acceptable cardio that you would be able to perform 200 minutes a week - running, swimming, walking, dancing, and at least playing the plateau, the main thing is that it increases the pulse and lasts longer than 20 minutes per session. Cardio is done mainly in the morning, preferably 5-6 times a week;

to strengthen muscles, for what to do at home exercises from body-ballet or any other gymnastics. If you are not a fitness novice, classic strength training with weights will work faster;

Be patient - do not expect your legs to become thin in a couple of weeks, look for positive activities, get distracted from “lose weight as soon as possible” and live life to the fullest.

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To be honest, home appliances are no more effective than weight loss exercises from Pilates or ballet. All these "prank-razvodilki" designed for those who:

for reasons of health can not run, do squats and lunges;

He is lazy to master the exercises on his own and prefers to move in a given trajectory under the series.

In any case, Leg Magic or any other kind of leg slimming machine will make progress in about 1-2 months, so it’s not the most economical purchase in the world. If you want a “perpetual trainer” - get a mini-stepper or even a full-fledged cardio stepper, as well as a fitball plus a set of dumbbells for performing power movements.

The right exercise program for slimming legs and hips

Actually, the principles of such a program are simple - the first months we learn to run, jump, walk or pedal with enough intensity for burning fat, plus we do light toning exercises for strengthening muscles. The following months - we perform more complex power movements and “fast” interval cardio. Conventionally, we get 2 levels.

Level 1

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Cardio leg slimming exercises

Rope for weight loss Barbell bench press with a chest standing up - a description of the correct technique legs or slow running - 5-6 times a week for 20-30 minutes. If you jump - choose light jumps from foot to foot, not double or something like that. The correct run for slimming the legs is solely on the ground or the track of the stadium, and not on the asphalt. Run will have quite a long time, take care of your knees. Work cardio in the morning, after a small portion of protein foods or on an empty stomach.

Weight loss leg exercises

Learn the following sequence:

Squatting for slimming legs - without burdens, as many repetitions as possible for 20 seconds, then 10 seconds of rest, and repeating the whole cycle 7 more times - these are Tabata interval training.

Lunges with changing legs are similar.

Buttock bridge - lie on your back, feet at the buttocks, tear off your back and pelvis from the floor, squeeze the muscles of the buttocks, exit the shoulder blades and feet, repeat. The repetition approach is the same.

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Want to "very fast"? Put on any body ballet disc and complete the mini-series with a hip-style ballet-style lead under the video. Force perform at the beginning of the complex to strengthen the muscles of the whole body, 3 times a week.

Level 2

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We will not lie - to achieve decent intensity to a non-beginner is possible only with burdens and “jerk” interval running. For the first, it is better, nevertheless, to go to the gym and take a few equipment lessons from a professional trainer. For the second - to enlist the support of a heart monitor and think not about how long you run, but about how quickly.

How to lose weight in the calves

Again, if the calves are big, muscular by nature - everything you read about their shrinkage is a lie to salvation. Burning out muscles is dangerous for your hormonal system and cannot be considered a healthy training style. You can remove the tone by consistently stretching the biceps of the thigh and gastrocnemius muscle, and "remove it completely" will not work. Well, if fat is being deposited on this zone, you just have to follow your weight loss program and not hurry, reading the mythical results of calf weight loss on the Internet for 2 weeks.

In any case, intending to lose weight in the legs, remember the main rule of fitness - losing weight, that is, losing fat, the body as a whole, and no tricks we can make him "lose weight only in the legs and testplex 450 for sale hips", so be morally ready for a general decrease in volume.

Elena Selivanova, fitness trainer


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