How to lose weight, lose weight and remove the stomach without exercise and sports

How to lose weight, lose weight and remove the stomach without exercise and sports

When it comes to losing weight without sports at home, people most often think of wraps and detox teas. We will not talk about them. We have no purpose to make you believe in miracles or ...

What ways are you ready to try to lose weight?

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• Proper nutrition?

• Low carb diets? Gluten free? Paleo?

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• Fat burning supplements?

• All of the above at the same time?

None of this guarantees that you lose weight. The only guarantee is calorie deficit. This means spending more calories than consuming.

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The main mechanism of weight loss is the energy balance, that is, the ratio of energy that you get and burn. Caloria is the amount of energy that is required to heat 1 gram of water at 1 ° C. These are the units of measurement we use when talking about the energy balance. Understanding the concept of energy balance is vital because it determines how your body will change over time. And how many calories you need to eat.

• You must burn more calories than you consume to lose weight.

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• You must consume more energy than you spend to gain weight (both muscle and fat).

In the science of metabolism, this is the basis of fundamentals, to doubt which means about the same as doubting that the Earth is round. Therefore, fancy diets, which are annually thrown into the masses, do not find scientific recognition.

You will not be able to “overeat and lose weight” or “crack your metabolism” with the help of “fat burning foods with a negative calorie content.” You can consume less calories than you consume.

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Over the past 100 years, scientists have unequivocally proved that, in accordance with the first law of thermodynamics, energy balance is the primary mechanism that regulates body Bench press standing or how to properly perform the army bench press (Bodybuilding and fitness for fans). weight. For decades bodybuilders have used this simple scientific principle to periodically increase and decrease the percentage of body fat.

This does not mean that you have to count calories to lose weight. You just have to understand the relationship between calorie intake (consumption) and weight gain (shedding).

Now that we’re done with theory, let’s get back to the point: losing weight without training. What comes Legal Anabolic Steroids Online to mind first when saying “burn calories”? Training

But your body burns calories all day, and not just while jogging or dumbbell. This phenomenon is called the base metabolism. It means the minimum amount of calories you spend per day (the amount of energy needed for the body to function). If you add to the basic level the energy that you spend on physical activity (walking, training, household chores, etc.), you get Exercises for the shoulders with dumbbells the total daily energy expenditure.

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In order to lose weight, you need to consume pharma sust 300 fewer calories than your daily energy consumption. For example, you estimate that you burn about 2,200 kcal per day and consume about 75% of this value (1,650 kcal). In this case, you will lose 0.5 kg per week, even if you do not play sports.

You create a calorie (energy) deficit. This means that the daily caloric content of your diet is insufficient for the needs of your body. He has to replenish the energy deficit from fat reserves.

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Varieties of food do not matter.

Products do not have any special "slimming" properties. By themselves, they can not make you thicker or thinner. Only you know how to perfectly adjust and balance the flow of calories. You can eat almost everything and lose weight.

This explains a curious phenomenon when the professor lost 12 kg in 10 weeks on a "diet from a convenience store." It consisted of cocktails, ready-made cakes, cookies and sweet flakes. Another researcher lost 25 kg, consuming for 6 months only food from McDonald's, but carefully controlling portions.

They wanted to prove one simple, but very important thing:

If you constantly consume less calories than you spend, you will lose weight, even if you get these calories from fast food. In all that relates to body weight, calories are crucial. The end of the story.

Cons of losing weight without sports We mentioned earlier that although you can easily lose weight without training, this is not the best way to lose weight. Weight goes not only due to fat. You also partially lose muscle mass. The more muscle you lose, the more slows your metabolism1, the immune system weakens and your appearance deteriorates.

To get the perfect body, you need to set a goal not to "lose weight", but "to lose fat and a minimum of muscles." And here comes the triumphant return of exercise and sport, since the only way to achieve this is to combine diet with exercise. And not just any loads, but with workouts with weights. Strength, not cardio. Not that cardio didn't help burn fat. It helps, but it burns not only fat, but also muscle.

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When you combine the right strength training with the right diet, the results may seem magical to the uninitiated. You can build muscle, increase strength and reduce fat at the same time. You can build yourself a completely new body.

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