Myths about strength training how to lose weight and not siphon up muscles

Myths about strength training: how to lose weight and not siphon up muscles? | Beauty Secrets | Health | Arguments and Facts

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Weight loss does not depend on the type of training, but solely on their duration and intensity. If you move for 20–40 minutes with at least 120–140 beats per minute, you burn fat. Muscle growth will begin if you practice 15–30 minutes on a pulse above 170 beats, but for an unprepared person, such intensity usually fails. Yes, and such efforts are unsafe for a beginner, you should not strive for them in the first year of classes.

Control your pulse can be based only on feelings. So, if you start to gasp for air with your mouth, like a fish thrown out of water, if “hammers” pound in your head, and sweat starts to flow through your body - the pulse is too high.

Reduce the pace or range of motion, go to a more relaxed view (from running to walking, from standing exercises to exercises near the wall or on the mat).

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2nd opinion: For weight loss, it is useless to go to the gym!

First, the simulators are different. For example, cardiovascular machines — a treadmill, exercise bike, stepper, ellipsoid, and others — are an excellent analogue for walking, skiing, cycling, or skating. On a rainy or frosty day, you cannot do without them.

Secondly, the so-called "power" simulators (with weights, blocks and cables) can also be used in fat burning mode Exercises with dumbbells Sport and Health. So, "pitching" put on them big burdens and do with them 8-10 repetitions, then take a long rest. A slimmer needs to pick up a little weight and do 15-30 repetitions with a short rest before the next approach. Such training will strengthen the muscles, increase their tone and blood circulation in them, due to which the burning of fat will increase, but it will not give significant growth. At the same time, classes on simulators are relatively safe: loads move along a strict trajectory, there is no risk that the hand or foot will turn up, move aside and will press down with burdens.

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3rd opinion: What are you talking to me, I have buy aromasin uk what muscles have grown in two months!

How to deal with, so that they grew up in fact, we have discussed above. You have this place. While you were sedentary, your muscles gradually atrophied. You begin to practice, and they have to increase slightly in order to fulfill the load. But how much will they increase? For the first 6–9 months, the large muscles (primarily the front of the thigh) may increase in volume by 1–2 cm. If you lose excess fat, the volume of the thigh will not change, it will only become denser. But after these 1-2 cm you have to sweat a lot to achieve even a little noticeable muscle growth!

Often, immediately after exercise, the muscles appear larger than they were. No wonder: they worked, filled with blood and simply swelled 1-1.5 cm. In half an hour it would pass. Also, do not forget that muscle is the natural tissue of the human body. According to medical standards, they should be 30% of body weight in women and 40% in men. Fat, by the way, for the same standards should be less muscle - up to 25% in women and about 20% in men.

4th opinion: Exercises on "problem areas" are driving fat!

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This is true, but such exercises, by the way, work precisely on the muscles. Having intensified, the muscles begin to more actively use the surrounding fat deposits, getting energy from the latter. In addition, their abbreviations literally crowd out fat and make fat cells flatter. That is why the fat becomes less, and cellulite rents his long-occupied position. However, this process is not going fast (which is not surprising, after all, you have not been overweight for three weeks, but for several years at a minimum) and requires a responsible attitude: that is, work regularly and not haphazardly.

5th opinion: You can not strengthen muscles without burdens ...

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Not at all. There is always your own body weight at your disposal. Try to maximally load them with the muscles that require your attention. If these are legs or buttocks - learn to squat on one leg (first with a support on a chair or wall), if it is chest, arms, back - push up from the floor (when it seems light, put books under your arms). At the same time, you should not artificially limit yourself: what is at hand, then use it for practice.

For example, for the winter Steroids for Sale Online, you can take a gym membership, where there are simulators and barbells with dumbbells, in the warmer time of the year, go to the playground in the park or at the nearest school, and do exercises at home with a wall, with a chair or with bottles of water instead of weights.

6th opinion: Due to the growth of muscles you can gain weight!

Here it is true. Muscles are 30% heavier than fat, so an increase of even 1-2 cm gives 3-5 kg ??of “plus”. However, do not forget that in this case you must lose fat, which is much more. In general, one should focus not only on the scales, but also centimeters. Regularly How to swing dumbbells. Exercises with dumbbells at home measure the volume of the waist and hips, and if they (especially the first) decrease - everything is in order, even if the numbers on the scales are growing. The fact is that physical exercises also affect the state of the bones: they actively accumulate calcium, that is, they become stronger. It may also affect the scales, but the risk of osteoporosis and fractures will decrease.

It also happens that in the first weeks of classes, both weight and volume increase. This is due to the fact that the muscles have already begun to grow, and the fat covering them has not burned yet. Check your diet! It is possible that after workouts you have poor control of your appetite and eat everything that you burn. Limit the fat and sweet for three to four months, and the balance will return to normal.

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