Strength training for men and women

Strength training for weight loss: for men and women

Strength training promotes weight loss even more than cardio. They "work" to burn fat even a few hours later after leaving the gym.

It is generally accepted that they lose weight by increasing their load - jogging, walking, swimming, cycling, and other things. And at the word "power" and the truth is drawn pumped bodybuilder with dumbbells or a barbell.

And this is the right image, I tell you. Being engaged with iron, you really build muscle, become muscled and will be able to indulge in a competition of bodybuilders. Men who read me might have been delighted with such a picture, but women are clearly not, are they?

I hasten to put everything in places: to the state of "rolling", both halves of humanity need to grow for a rather long time and go towards this purposefully, and with one weightlifting is not enough - you need a special diet and special sports nutrition.

In addition, the girls have another circumstance that helps them not to fear to acquire a masculine figure - no matter how many times you lift the disks and dumbbells, how many repetitions you do, your low testosterone hormone level will not allow you to turn into a “peasant”.

Well, of course, unless you decide to do it purposefully and do not “sit down” on pharmacology. However, this is not our topic at all.

And we are talking about losing weight with the help of weight lifting. How can this be achieved and can it be done at all?

Useful "iron" possible, and very effective. And that's why.

Strength training accelerates metabolism, so much so that the process of burning fat goes a few hours after its completion (it is believed that during the day). It is impossible to say the same Bench press standing We are again 'captain' about the exercise technique. about cardio - fat burning in this case ends 20-30 minutes after the end of the session.

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Experts recommend combining power (anaerobic) and cardio (aerobic), alternating them by day or during one workout - so weight loss will go at a heightened pace.

Alternating loads How best to combine these two types of classes?

There are many opinions, often mutually exclusive. Among the most common tips (if there is no time to set aside individual days for cardio) - do alternation.

Allocate 10-20 minutes for low-intensity aerobic exercise before and after lifting weights (if you do it at a high rate, then you simply won't have enough strength for free weights).

In the best case, on the run, exercise bikes and other similar intense workouts to allocate individual a couple of days a week.

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We organize classes What determines the preparation of training programs? Are there any contraindications? In order to benefit from the gym, it is important to pay attention to a number of factors.

Your age. For example, large weights should not be lifted by a 16-year-old.

Health status. Do not overestimate your strength and do not underestimate (albeit mentally) your years. It is especially difficult for an untrained and not too young person to become involved in the uplift of iron.

Even if you feel completely healthy - at first consult with a trainer, and in case of deterioration of the condition - immediately stop training and go to the doctor.

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Schedule of life. What am I talking about? The fact that people employed in different jobs, need a different training plan. For example, one sits all day in a quiet office, while the other works as a loader and for the day seven sweats leave him.

Plan for a week How many days a week and for how long?

Standard advice - at least 2, better 4 - two days for each type of training. Occupation should go at least 40 minutes, on average - about an hour.

The best time to practice everyone chooses for himself, experts do not have a single opinion on this matter. Many run in the mornings, and in the evenings go to the gym - choose the program of classes yourself.

We breathe correctly. Before you take up the projectile, remember the main rule of breathing during strength training - tension - exhale, relaxation - inhale. And not otherwise.

You can not hold your breath, so you can cause stanoprime dizziness, increase in pressure or completely lose consciousness.

Training program For women and men, of course, they are somewhat different. And what exactly, we'll talk a little lower. But there are general rules.

To harmoniously work out all the muscles of the body, a program of 8-10 standard exercises is selected. Do them 6-15 times, spend 3 repetitions. For beginners, strength training is best done at the first classes under the guidance of a trainer.

Your training plan may include such exercises: squats, lunges, abdominal exercises, stand, vertical or horizontal thrust, pull-ups, push-ups, dumbbell press, fingerboard or barbell lying.

Male approach I repeat - do not spare the money (it is not so expensive), get advice on the plan of employment from a specialist. In general, your exercises can be based on the following scheme.

The first day

We train the chest and arms

We make a dumbbell bench press on an inclined bench, twisting on the floor, wring out on the bars, raise the dumbbells on the biceps, run 25 minutes.

Second day

We perform cardio training (we run, swim, ride a bike or exercise bike, play football, basketball, volleyball).

Third day

We train shoulders and legs

We do squats with barbells, deadlifts on straight legs, leg presses, leg lifting in a leg, and a dumbbell bench press while seated.

Day four

Again we run, play football or ride a bike.

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Fifth day

We train the press and back

We do pull-ups, twisting on the floor, deadlift, barbell tilt, scrubs with dumbbells and run for 25 minutes.

A starter program can also be gleaned from this useful video.

Female approach Well, now the beautiful half.

To start, girls need to master the basic exercises, those mentioned above in terms of general training Legal Anabolics Online.

This first stage takes from four to eight weeks, during this time you need to work out the technique. Connect cardio load, for example, on a treadmill.

Do your work varied, pay attention to working out the muscles of the whole body, and not just, for example, the press or legs.

Do not lift large weights at once, start small. To understand that the weight for you is small and needs to be increased, do a small experiment - do the exercise 12 times, and if you feel that you can do it quite easily a couple more times, then add weight.

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Do not get confused by a beginner in the gym will help this video with exercises

Home Strength Training Can I study at home? After all, situations are different, for example, the banal lack of time to travel to the gym or money.

At home, you can also organize your classes, although you can't do without the necessary equipment. Of course, dumbbells will be needed, preferably of different weights or with the ability to increase it.

If you can make a horizontal bar - it will only benefit. Well, it is worth thinking about acquiring a rod - so your classes will be held in all seriousness.

Power houses are, first of all, self-discipline. You have to control yourself, put off household chores and get up to the bar, what is called. Otherwise, the result will not be. Well, how exactly to do - here the advice is the same as for those who visit the gym.

About the benefits of nutrition The result will not be even if you do not engage in their diet.

The rules of nutrition in general are as follows:

You need to eat 2 hours before your workout. A full stomach is not the best assistant on the simulators How to pump up at home in 14 years.

In the menu you can include carbohydrates (talking about long or complex carbohydrates that are digested for a long time), they provide you with energy, as well as proteins - suppliers of amino acids. Carbohydrates are advised to include in the menu in the first half of the day.

Fats before the gym and in general for weight loss are advised to limit, they slow down the absorption of nutrients and thereby delay food in the stomach, causing discomfort.

In general, it is worth remembering the main rule - if you eat right before your workout, then during it you will not spend the supply of fat, but the energy that you just got from food.

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Meals after strength training are organized according to the following scheme:

immediately after or after 20-30 minutes you can drink a protein shake

in another 20-30 minutes you can eat something protein-carbohydrate (cottage cheese, banana, apple)

after a half or two hours you can eat more densely.

What to remember Well, we discussed the main principles of strength training for weight loss. If you have questions or you want to share your opinion on this matter - I will be glad to hear your opinion in the comments. I will summarize.

To lose weight when training on simulators you need:

Remember that strength contributes to harmony, no less and even more than cardio - they "work" to burn fat even a few hours later after leaving the gym.

Alternate heavy weights and running (and other aerobic exercise).

Go for a consultation to an experienced fitness trainer and create a program that suits you personally.

Watch not only for weights, but also for your diet.

Good luck to you in the field of weight loss. I'm saying goodbye to this today. To new meetings in new articles on my site!


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