Strength training for weight loss at home. Exercises and program

Strength training for weight loss at home. Exercises and program

Many people Dumbbell exercises choose fitness in order to lose weight, preferring cardio and aerobic exercise, and are afraid of strength training. But is it right to do that? Let's figure out what strength training gives us and what rules need to be followed.

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Girls believe that weight training does not contribute to weight loss. This is not entirely true. Yes, strength training involves the process of anabolism, causing muscles to grow. And in the first months, the weight can really grow by 12 kg - this is how the absence of the habit to the load and the fact that fluid accumulates in the muscles first affects it.

After training, take a warm bath with sea salt, massage. And after a couple of weeks, the weight will start to decline.

Reasons for stopping weight1. Adaptation stage. Lasts from 3 days to 3 weeks.

2. The retention of water in the body. It may be related:

the day before you ate something sweetly sweet, salty or spicy;

drink little;

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injuries, surgeries, illnesses;

excessive exercise;


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PMS syndrome;

stress and lack of sleep.

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3. Delayed stool.

It can also cause weight loss. The norm is considered 2?3 times a day or 1 time in 2 days.

Good for women I don't want to be like a male bodybuilder. In general, a man. Why do I need pumped arms and legs? - so say the Buy Steroids Here girls, refusing to strength training. And they are mistaken. The hormone estrogen will not allow us to acquire excess muscles, from strength training the muscles will only slightly increase and become stronger. Another thing is, if your goal is to pump up, then you will have to use heavy weights on projectiles (over 15 kg) and actively drink protein.

Muscles need rest after strength training

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If women decide and come to strength training, then sometimes they cant stop. The more often the better, the more intense the more productive, they think. Experienced trainers and nutritionists are unanimous in their opinion that rest is one of the most important components of both sports progress and weight loss, and for a healthy lifestyle. 3-4 best weight training per week with alternating loads on different muscle groups. During training, the muscles get microtrauma, this is normal. If you then rest, they are restored, compacted and become stronger. And loading the muscles daily, you are likely to get the opposite effect, will begin to weaken and recover. Remember that you should not work out the same muscle group for 2 days in a row. For example, if on the back thigh muscles were trained on Monday, repeat this on Wednesday, let the muscle group relax for a couple of days.

Power training bonuses In intensive aerobic training, fat burns, but as soon as you finish classes, this process stops. And at the end of strength training metabolism will remain accelerated for several hours. That is, it turns out that you lose weight and during rest.

Diet and cardio. Simulators and running help lose weight to a large extent (almost 50%) due to muscle mass. It is quite difficult to restore it, but the burnt fat, alas, returns quickly. And strength training strengthens muscle mass.

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Haste is excluded

Or maybe you need to work faster? No, it is not necessary to confuse strength training with intensive circular. It is impossible to accelerate the pace during strength training: this is how you risk injuring your joints, because the load on them increases significantly. Measured pace - that's what you need for strength training. For the best weight loss is well combined with cardio.

Training for weight loss at home Strengthening the pectoral muscles Stand straight, legs shoulder-width apart. Hands join at chest level, palms fold, fingers pointing up. Extend your arms forward, lower your shoulders and firmly hold your palms together. Return to the starting position. Perform this exercise 10?15 repetitions.

Forming elastic buttocks Stand with your back straight, legs together, hands on your belt. With your right foot, take a big step forward and, transferring body weight to it, bend at the knee (thigh parallel to the floor, the knee does not extend beyond the toe line). The left buy real steriods leg is also slightly bent, but does not touch the floor; foot rests on the toe. Hold the pose for a few seconds. Then push off with your right foot and return to the starting position. If you want to complicate the exercises, perform a few springy movements during the lunge.

Strengthen press Press the floor, legs straight, arms stretched along the body. At the same time, lift your legs (without bending) to a height of approximately 60 degrees, lift the shoulder blades off the floor, and stretch your arms forward at the level of your hips (but not touching them). Hold the pose for 15 seconds, then return to the starting Bench press standing performing technique position - legs at a height of 60 degrees. Repeat 5 times.

Toning the abdomen and hips. Sit on the floor, bend your legs and put it together. Arms wide apart and lean them on the floor behind them. Keeping your back straight, slightly raise the bent legs. Then lift them up as much as possible, at the same time straightening your knees and pulling your socks forward, and at the end of your movement, spread your legs apart. Determine the number of approaches, taking into account your physical fitness.


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