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During weight loss, weight training will be your best helper for three reasons:

1. The more you do, the less you need to worry about calories. Burning with the help of exercises 300-400 calories per day, you accelerate the process of burning fat. As I noted earlier, these figures were determined as a result of research and are accurate.

2. Strength training for weight loss contributes to the speed of your RMR. After them, the metabolic rate (RMR) remains elevated for several more hours, and you - even resting - burn additional calories. If you practice strength training, you accelerate metabolic processes even more: the muscles you are working on are metabolic active tissue. Increasing its volume increases the metabolic rate.

Researchers at the University of Colorado conducted an experiment to see the effect of strength training on the metabolic process. To participate in the study were selected 10 men aged 22 to 35 years. At various stages they performed power and aerobic exercises, and also passed control of their physical parameters at rest - in a sitting position. During the experiment, they were all fed in accordance with the established diet, which included 65% carbohydrates, 15% protein and 20% fat.

As for the power part of the experiment, the participants received a fairly standard, but at the same time stressful load: each of the 10 different exercises on the upper and lower parts of the body, they performed five approaches. The training lasted a total of about 100 minutes. An exercise bike was selected for aerobic exercise, where participants worked with a moderate degree of intensity for about an hour.

Based on the results obtained in this experiment, the experts made the following conclusions: strength training, unlike aerobic exercise and rest, stimulated accelerated oxygen consumption, and hence an increase in the speed of RMR. At the end of the class, RMR participants remained elevated for about 15 hours. Thus, it is obvious: strength training is a powerful stimulator of RMR and helps to burn calories. With these exercises, you can easily burn fat and control your weight.

3. Classes help maintain muscle mass. Dropping 4.5 kg of total weight, you, of course, lose weight. But if 2 kg of this amount will be the muscle mass, it definitely will not make you stronger, but the quality of training will suffer. In addition, because of this, your muscles will look sluggish. Exercise is one of the best ways to achieve premarin online weight loss through fat reserves, and not through muscle mass.

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The researchers decided to make sure this statement was true. The experiment involved 10 overweight women. [1] All of them six times a week did aerobic exercises. But at the same time one group also followed a specially selected diet, halving the calorie intake by half. Participants of the second adhered to a diet that retained their previous weight.

The results were summed up 14 weeks later. And that's what turned out. Weight dropped all the women. But the composition of the weight lost was significantly different. In the first group, participants lost 67% of fat and 33% of lean muscle mass. And in the second percent of the lost fat was large - 86% (and only 14% of lean muscle mass)! In addition, in the first group RMR decreased by 9%, while in the second these figures remained the same.


For relief and fat burning you need to do the following:

Diets for weight loss

Take sports nutrition to correct the diet and speed up the metabolism

Perform aerobic workouts to burn calories.

Perform strength training to maintain muscle and speed up metabolism

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Weight loss training program

The program consists of 5 workouts. Ideally, train better in: Mon, Fri, Wed, Fri, Sat.

The first training is performed by a separate method. Her leg muscles and chest are being worked on. It should take approximately 1:20:00. The main exercises are squats and bench press.

The second training is done in a circle. One exercise for each muscle group. Circles should be approximately 4-5, and the entire training Functional training. Programs for beginners and for weight loss. should take approximately 1: 00: 00-1: 10: 00. Rest between circles: 3-5 minutes. It is advisable to prepare the entire inventory in advance so that the circle is performed “in one breath”.

The third training session consists entirely of work on a cardiovascular machine. Running speed is determined by your heart rate. Slow running, this is a pulse in the range of 100-120 beats. Quick run - 150-160 hits. There should be 3-5 laps in total. And training should take 40-60 minutes.

Fourth training is done in combination. 50% of the workout is a cardiovascular trainer, and 50% is strength training. The total workout time is approximately 60 minutes. To work on a cardiovascular machine you need not fast. So that the pulse was about 120-140 beats. If someone can push the floor classic option, then it is better to do so.

The fifth workout consists of supersets on the upper body. We swing shoulders and arms. Training is approximately 1:20:00.

It turns out that training number 1 has a low intensity. Training number 5 - the average intensity. And the rest of the workout - high intensity.

Training can be mixed. That is, in addition to the proposed option 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (training numbers). You can also do: 1, 3, 2, 4, 5. Or 5, 3, 1, 4, 2.

First training (separately: legs and chest)

Lifting the legs in the support (3x10-15)

Analogues: Lifting the feet lying on the floor, Lifting the legs hanging on the crossbar, Lifting the legs on an inclined bench

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Squats with a barbell on the shoulders (4-5x8-12)

Analogs: Squats with a barbell on the shoulders of "sumo", Squats with a barbell on the chest, Squats in the GAKK-simulator, Squats with dumbbells

Notes: If you have your back hunched while doing this exercise, then for starters, you can try to sit with the disc behind your back (between the shoulder blades). This will force you to involuntarily bend your back and teach you the correct posture.

Leg press in the simulator (3x10-12)

Analogs: Squats with a barbell on the shoulders and squats in GAKK-simulator

Bench press bench (4-5h10-12)

Analogs: Bench press at an angle up, Bench press sitting in a chest simulator, Dumbbell bench press horizontal

Dumbbell bench lying at an angle up (3-4h10-15)

Analogs: Barbell bench press at an angle up, Bench press in a chest simulator sitting and dumbbell bench press horizontal

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Dumbbell strands lying at an angle of 20 grams. (3x10-15)

Analogues: Hands flattening in a crossover while lying down, Hands flattening in a butterfly simulator, Hands flattening from the upper unit in a crossover, Divorces with dumbbells while lying

The second training (circular: all muscles)

Hyperextension (10-15)

Analogues: Back extension in the simulator

Notes: As an additional burden, you can use both a disk and a barbell. In the case of the disc weight can be kept behind the back and chest. But practice shows that the weight behind your back allows you to keep your back more even. Since, holding the weight on his chest, you involuntarily hunch.

Twisting on an inclined bench (10-15)

Analogues: Twisting from the top of the sitting, Twisting in the Roman chair, Twisting in the simulator, Twisting on the floor (legs up)

Notes: The easiest option: when you hold the edges of the shop with your hands. More complicated: when the arms are crossed on the chest. Even harder: hands behind head. The disc from the rod can be kept both on the chest and behind the head.

Push ups with narrow grip from the floor (10-15)

Analogues: Push-ups from the back of the bench, Bench press lying narrow grip

Lunge with barbell (10-15)

Analogs: Lumbar Attacks, Squats on One Leg

Notes: There are 2 ways to weight this exercise. 1 - put your back foot on the stand. Thus, you will heavily load the front (working) leg. 2 - put your front foot on the stand. Then you can go deeper. In both cases, the effect of exercise will increase.

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Bench press from behind the head standing (10-15)

Analogues: Bench press with chest sitting, Bench press because of the head sitting, Bench sitting up in the simulator

Notes: You do not need a bar each time when lowering to put yourself on the shoulders. It is better to lower the bar to the middle of the neck. That is 2 - 4 cm above the shoulders. This will help avoid unpleasant sensations and injuries.

Thrust horizontal block (10-15)

Analogues: Rod in the slope, T-bar in the slope, T-bar lying

Bending arms with barbell reverse grip (10-15)

Analogues: Stretching the wrists while sitting with a barbell, Bending the wrists while sitting with a barbell

Pullover lying with dumbbells (10-15)

Analogues: Pullover lying with a bar, Thrust from the upper block on straight arms

Notes: Many do this exercise across the bench. I personally think that this option does not give any advantages and only hinders. Therefore, I advise you to do it, completely lying down on the bench.

Third training (cardio: 3 - 5 laps)

Running slow (3 minutes)

Running fast (1 minute)

Running slow (3 minutes)

Running fast (1 minute)

Running slow (3 minutes)

Rest (2 minutes)

Fourth training (combined: back)

Lifting the legs in the wall (3x10-15)

Analogues: Lifting the legs in support, Lifting the legs on an incline bench, Lifting the legs lying on the floor

Cardio 5 minutes

Deadlift with barbell (4-5x4-8)

Analogs: Deadlift with straight legs, Deadlift “sumo”, Deadlift with dumbbells,

Cardio 5 minutes

Pull-ups with a wide grip to the chest (3-4x8-15)

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Analogues: Thrust to the chest with the top. block wide grip, for the head with the top. block wide grip, pull-ups for head wide grip

Notes: If you can not pull yourself up at least 6 times, then it is better to pull up with the help of a partner. You bend your legs, and the helper takes you by the legs and pushes you up. Thus, the exercise is facilitated by about 35%. In addition, you need to try not to hunch. Otherwise, it will not work back, and his hands.

Cardio 5 minutes

Thrust rod in the slope (3-4h8-10)

Analogues: T-shaped neck in the slope, a single dumbbell in the slope, dumbbell traction in the slope

Fifth workout (supersets: shoulders, triceps, biceps)

Bench press standing with a chest (3-4h8-12)

Analogs: Stand dumbbells standing alternately, Bench press from behind the head standing, Bench sitting up in the simulator

Notes: The pelvis must be bulged back during the entire exercise. So that he was put a little heel. Otherwise, you risk complications in the lumbar spine due to a strong deflection in it.

Swing dumbbells to the sides (3-4x10-15)

Analogs: Mahi dumbbells in the direction of lying, Mahi hand to the side from the lower unit, Mahi hands to the side in the simulator

Pushups from the bars (3-4h8-15)

Analogues: Push-ups from the floor narrow grip, Push-ups from the back of the bench

Notes: It is possible to push off the boards as with an emphasis on triceps (pressing your elbows to your body). So with an emphasis on the chest (spreading his elbows to the side). But I do not recommend using the second option. Since it is very traumatic and uses only the upper chest.

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Arm extension from the upper block (3-4x10-15)

Analogs: Extension of arms from the upper block with grip from below, French bench press, Extension of the arm from the upper block

Pull-ups with reverse grip (3-4x8-15)

Analogues: Thrust to the chest from the upper block with the reverse grip, Pulling up with a narrow parallel grip

Bending the arms with dumbbells "hammer" (3-4x10-15)

Analogues: Arm flexion with dumbbells sitting at an angle, Arm flexion sitting through a knee, Arm flexion with dumbbells sitting / standing

Bending arms with a bar while standing (3-4x8-15)

Analogs: Bending arms in simulator, Bending arms with EZ neck, Bending arms from lower unit in crossover, Bending arms on Scott bench

French bench press (3-4x10-15)

Analogues: French bench press with dumbbells, Arm extension from the upper block

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