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Ready-made training program for weight loss and practical recommendations that will increase the effectiveness of your workouts for burning fat!

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In the gym engaged both experienced and novice athletes. On average, 80% of all gym visitors tend to either gain muscle mass or lose weight. If you want to lose weight, this article will definitely help you with this. Here you will learn about all the components of an effective workout for burning fat, and also find an example of a workout program for weight loss. Following this example, you will create a personalized program for yourself, the lessons on which will give much more result than any other program downloaded from the Internet. The program of training for weight loss is quite possible to write yourself, and soon you will be convinced of this The right workout for weight loss!

How is fat burning

To make it clearer, to begin with, let's sort this question out - where does it come from at all? It's simple: usually, subcutaneous fat accumulates in people who lead a sedentary lifestyle, or in those who have health problems or just a slow metabolism, such as endomorphs.

An endomorph is a person with spherical shapes: a large belly, a round head, a wide chest, small stature and subcutaneous fat. A set of muscle mass is given to them quite easily, but losing weight is difficult. See also: how to determine body type?

So, if you have any disease that manifests itself in the formation of subcutaneous fat or swelling of the body, then you first need to cure it and consult a doctor before you start training. And if it is a sedentary lifestyle, then the solution is this: you need to distribute incoming calories so that the body spends more than it consumes. 60% of success depends on nutrition. Proper diet for weight loss will help you in the shortest possible time to get rid of extra pounds. This knowledge is necessary to workout for weight loss gave a good result.

Fat burning training

For people who want to lose weight and form a relief figure, aerobic training for weight loss is best suited - they testomix strengthen the cardiovascular system, increase endurance and efficiency of the body. Also, such training speeds up the recovery of the body after strength training, as well as mental stress, increases resistance to stress.

However, it is impossible to neglect basic exercises - the body will have to expend a huge amount of calories on their work, and also they will help to maintain good muscle tone, and maybe even muscle growth. This is possible with a well-formed diet: a lot of protein and few carbohydrates.

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The program of training for weight loss will be quite dense: to achieve fast and high-quality results you will have to do 5 times a week, and 3 of these 5 workouts will last at least an hour. When and what you need to eat after a workout for burning fat you can learn Bench press standing (army bench) technique of performance, which muscles work from the article: proper nutrition for weight loss.

Weight Loss Training Program

On our site you can find all the necessary information in order to independently create a personalized program of training for burning fat. If you want to try to do this, then be sure to consider the following factors:

Age. This is an important factor that may limit the list of exercises used during training. For example, a teenager 16 years old is not recommended to do deadlifts with large weights.

Health status. This aspect is no less important, because the purpose of training for burning fat is not only to lose weight, but also to preserve health, and not to destroy it. If you have any doubts, it is better to consult a doctor before starting training.

Schedule of life. Let me explain with an example: a person working as a loader and an administrator at a computer club need different approaches to training, since one day he sits on a chair while the seventh sweat comes off the other.

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Such factors are not few, because it is not for nothing that training for losing weight with a personal trainer often gives a greater effect than an independent struggle with your reflection in the mirror.

Sample exercise program for weight loss and fat burning

Day 1 (chest, arms)

Dumbbell bench press lying on an inclined bench 3 ? 12

Push-ups on bars 3 ? 12

Crossovers on the upper blocks 3 ? 15

Lifting dumbbells for biceps 3 ? 15

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Running on track 25 min

Twisting 3x max

Day 2 - aerobic exercise (swimming, running, playing football, basketball)

Day 3 (legs, shoulders)

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3x12 barbell squats

Leg press 3 ? 12

Deadlift on straight legs 3 ? 12

Dumbbell bench press sitting 3x12

Lifting your legs hanging 2 max

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Day 4 - aerobic exercise (swimming, running, playing football, basketball)

Day 5 (back, press)

Deadlift 3x12

3xmax pull-ups

Thrust rod in the slope 3x12

Scars with dumbbells 3x15

Running on the track 20 min

Twisting 3x max

"Bicycle" 2

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Classes for such a program in conjunction with a properly formulated diet will give quick and noticeable results in your workouts for burning fat. In the end, you can add that gaining muscle mass is harder than losing weight. So do not be afraid of such a rich training program: if you start boldly, you will quickly get involved in a sports lifestyle pharma anavar. Let the motivation be to transform your reflection in the mirror and improve well-being, increase stamina and vivacity!


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