Weight loss training

Weight loss training

Attached photos can be clearly seen.

changes that occurred with the body of my client for 2 months of power

workouts under my supervision. As you can see, training with the "iron" did not

my client is more manly, rewarding with a mountain of muscles, but greatly influenced

on the composition of the body, namely - led to a decrease in the percentage of subcutaneous fat.

Training with weights is the most effective and

a safe (yes-yes! more on that below) load not only for those who want to gain

muscle mass, but for losing weight - it is scientifically proven and already well-known

a fact which, however, continues to coexist with the common

newcomers to fitness is a delusion that you need to lose weight “on aerobics”, and

gym - be sure to gain muscle.

On the benefits of strength training while losing weight, I want

talk today:

1. Strength training helps speed up your exchange.


After strength training, even during rest - is spent

extra energy. If you burn calories during cardio workouts

mostly directly during class (and a little after), then after

power exercises your body will expend energy during the day

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(and even several). This is due to the fact that after the power work you need to restore

stocks of creatine and glycogen in the muscles, to deduce from them the decay products, as well as

restore the damaged structure of muscle fibers. Besides,

Strength training has been shown to increase insulin sensitivity, and for those

who are obese - it is often reduced and it interferes with losing weight.

Of course, this does not mean that after exercise you can eat

anything. Also do not forget that you need less for losing weight

consume calories than you spend.

2. Help keep your muscles on a diet.

Yes, in order to get rid of the hated fat,

you need to create a calorie deficit (wasting more energy than you get with

food), but in this case, your diet will be “catabolic” (catabolism -

destruction) and can burn not only fat, but also muscles. If your body decides

that it’s easier for him to “cut costs” (to reduce muscle mass, which is

one of the key energy consumers even at rest rexobol 50) than “wasting stocks” (burning

fat). And the only way to keep muscles on the background of a diet are strength

workout. In this case, they signal to your body that the muscles for

You - this is a priority and they should be destroyed in the least, because you

actively and regularly use.

3. The more muscles in the body, the more you can afford


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Muscles are one of the main calorie consumers, the more

you have muscle, the more you can eat, without the risk of gaining fat.

Muscle cells consume more energy than fat cells, then

eat more muscle - higher your calorie rate and less risk of re-typing

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lost kilograms due to this, as well as good sensitivity to

insulin, which provides strength training, because it not only allows

faster to lose weight, but also to gain less fat

overeating Excess carbohydrates in this case will not go to fat depots, but in


Not to mention the fact that developed muscles are strength,

functionality and beauty of your body.

4. Improving the "quality" of the body, proportions, posture, deliverance

from imbalances.

Yes, sitting on exhausting diets and performing many hours of cardio

every day you will lose weight (if you are patient), but will it suit you

disproportionate, stooped and flabby body? I do not think. A beautiful figure is

slim, fit and proportioned figure. I am sure that apart from deliverance

from overweight you would like to receive other “bonuses” from fitness: eliminate

front pelvic slope, stoop, "narrow down" the waist, remove the bulging after childbirth

the stomach (and it is protruded not only because of the presence of excess weight, but also because of the weakness

abdominal muscles that should be trained), not to mention that

beautiful, round and

elastic booty - this is the developed buttock glucous workouts


5. A significant reduction in the risk of "sagging" of the skin.

It's no secret that losing weight, especially if there is a lot of excess weight -

can lead to skin sagging. Often this happens just as

extreme weight loss, which is accompanied by the simultaneous loss of muscle

masses - the skin just does not have time to adapt. Including therefore, we are against

extreme approaches to weight correction, but we regularly encounter them

the consequences and in the case of sagging skin - only surgery can help

in front of which doctors must prescribe a client to the gym

so that after the operation the skin is not loose and still sagging.

More about this case, wrote my colleague Xenia.

6. Effective struggle with adaptation to the load.

Surely you heard the rave stories of friends or

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friends about how they went to the typical female fitness (group aerobics and

tp) and already lost two-three, and even five kilograms of weight! Wow At this rate they

should very quickly turn into an elegant beauty, right? But for some reason it is not

there is and rapture gives way to apathy. Often this is not due to the loss

motivation from scratch, but with a real lack of result, which

absent for the banal reason - the body has adapted to the load. Jumping

on group aerobics classes on the same program averaged under

10-15-20 people doing the same exercises, the same amount Bench press standing Wolf Workout

time, with the same burdens (most often - their weight), strange

be surprised that our organism (brilliant adaptation machine) is in the end


Training on cardiovascular machines (running

track, ellipse, exercise bike, etc.) - this is also "aerobics", yes - in the framework of

your own individual cardio sessions are more options for combating

adaptation: you can increase the duration, increase the pace, raise the angle of the track

or resistance and TP, but still consider this option as a load

additional, but not the main when losing weight. The main advantage of cardio is

strengthening the cardiovascular system, and not at all the acceleration of fat loss.

Exercising on weight machines or with free weights, we

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not only involve those muscle fibers that remain "untouched" after

aerobics, but we can also increase repetitions, change the number of approaches,

add or reduce working weight, not to mention fine-tuning

training program and the choice of exercises - the mass of tools in order

to deal with the adaptation of our body to the load. And the results we

we get only as long as this adaptation continues, so the gym

and burdening is the most modern, rational and effective option

selection of the right variant for you and the intensity of the load.

7. Safety and health promotion.

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Trying to deal with imminent adaptation and loss

efficiency, the authors of the methods of group training, they introduce classes with

burdens, calling it some flashy name in English.

On the one hand, this is an option, but still very little, since there is no

opportunities for individual selection of the burden (intensity) and even more

the dynamics in it (gradual increase), but the risk of performing movements with

improper technique increases exactly as many times as a person in

group. As a rule, in various types of group training use

free weights - due to universality, space saving and material

means (one block simulator costs several dozen times more). But

The truth is that the technique of doing exercises with free weights is the most

complex. Beginners who train individually under the guidance of a coach

they often start training with simulators, since there it is easier to install equipment and

thereby eliminating the risk of injury, and then immediately 30 people try to squat

with a barbell, can you imagine (even a correct squat

individually teach weeks and months)? Naturally, about any

fitness testing, accounting for the presence of diseases and limitations, individual

the selection of exercises and TP - speech can not be and it also greatly increases

risk of injury or other negative consequences, reducing safety.

Meaningfully exercising in the gym, including,

doing exercises with free weights, you pick the right one every time

It is up to you the level of load, perform a special warm-up, starting

less weight, you yourself set the desired pace of the exercise and much

more closely control the technique. Not to mention if you train

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under the guidance of a coach and he is personally responsible for the safe selection

exercises, as well as helps you master the proper technique of their implementation,

correcting errors and controlling the purity of performance. That is why for

rehabilitation and rehabilitation exercises are recommended from the arsenal of the gym

the hall.

Even the cardio load within the room is safer,

than, for example, running on asphalt on the street. If you have significant excess weight,

weak joints or the spine, as well as other causes that cause

eliminate or reduce the shock load, then the best choice for you will be

elliptical trainer.

Of course, the gym is no longer

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a safe place if you approach it without due responsibility and

seriousness, do not delve into the proper technique of exercise and do not seek for

help to a specialist, if their knowledge is not enough.

8. With age, the need for strength training only

is increasing.

Sarcopenia - age atrophic degenerative change

skeletal muscles, leading to a gradual loss of muscle mass and strength.

In simple terms, for those who do not train from the age of 30

there is a gradual replacement of muscle mass of fat. And sarcopenia enters

The top 5 major causes of morbidity and mortality in the elderly (as well as

obesity ...), so if you want to maximize youth and strengthen

your health, then strength training is something that will help you to stop

age-related muscle loss.

Strength training allows you to engage in the load

those muscle fibers that are most prone to increase

(hypertrophy), and stimulation of an increase in volume in the presence of risks of losing it

due to age-related changes, this is a way to maintain muscle. To go on

bike has to constantly pedal, otherwise you will slow down and

inevitably stop.

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Why is it important to keep muscle while losing weight I wrote in paragraphs

2 and 3.

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9. Long-term result.

Now is the holiday season and many will have to be postponed for a while.

my workouts, but at the same time, as I wrote above, muscle cells consume

more energy, and you, I hope, saved them or even increased them

the volume is still thin, right? Especially if you exercise in the gym,

it is very likely that your approach to fitness is as conscious and

serious. You know that you need to count calories, and training is an image

life, and not a feat in the series “all or nothing”, so you will not be difficult

save the result, especially since we recently wrote a post about it.

Remember that strength training is a job for the future.

You are training your body now, but you can still enjoy the result.

a long time. And steroids for sale online at the best prices even if you are forced to take a break from training

very long, then you will help "muscle memory" - a phenomenon that allows

very quickly return the previous results to those who have already received them.

P.S. To understand why you should not be afraid to "pump",

because athletes in the photo on the Internet sometimes look so frighteningly muscular,

I recommend reading this article.


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