Why strength training is necessary for everyone

Why is strength training necessary for everyone?

Strength training is useful for absolutely everyone, and even more than that is necessary. Why does everyone have to include strength exercises in their training cycle?

In no case. In fact, strength training is useful to absolutely everyone, and even more than that - necessary. Is it hard for you to believe? Do you think running or cycling is enough? What: we will try to convince you, having opened the question in detail below. Why does everyone have to include strength exercises in their training cycle?

Calorie Burning

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Under load, our body spends stocks of "fuel", and in the recovery phase should take from somewhere "building material". This is as true for an exercise on a power trainer as it is for an exercise on a cycle ergometer. Strength training also burns calories, helping to lose weight: the more physical work you do, the more energy you spend. In some cases, working with weights in simulators is an even more effective way anabolics for sale of getting rid of excess calories than a treadmill.

Maintain optimum weight

Losing weight too intensively is also bad, it threatens with many serious health problems. Fortunately, this is completely optional! In the end, the main purpose of those who lose weight - not kilograms, and appearance. Muscles weigh much more fat, therefore, with the same body mass, a muscular Exercises for slimming the abdomen, sides and waist man will look incomparably slimmer. Thus, the correct weight loss program must necessarily include strength exercises: you need not just to get rid of fat, but also to replace it with strong muscles. This will reduce the risk of various diseases on the background of drastic changes in the body, and will perfectly affect the aesthetic side of the issue.

The development of the cardiovascular system

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It would seem that “cardiovascular exercises” are called so because they actively develop your cardiovascular system. However, during the training with weights, the heart and the vessels also have to work hard: it is necessary to deliver a large amount of blood to the muscles at the limit of capabilities. So, you get an additional effect of cardio! This is a general principle in sports: various types of training are not exclusive, but complementary.

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Target load on problem areas

As you know, it is absolutely impossible to lose weight in any particular part of the body: fat is always burned evenly. In the same way, it will not work out with some special technique of running to transport the main load to another group of muscles in order to work it out. But with strength training such purposeful development is just possible: choose an exercise with a different distribution of work between the muscles, or completely isolated, involving one specific one. Strength training is the only effective way to correct the “strokes” that you lack for perfect appearance and complete functional balance.

Sleep improvement

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Modern medical research shows that those who practice strength training suffer less from various sleep disorders. They fall asleep faster, their sleep is less anxious, and more effective than that of those who neglect the power simulators. You do not need to be a scientist to guess a causal relationship: in order to have a good rest, you need to be tired.

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Reduced risk of injury

A strong body is much less prone to injury. When muscles, joints, and tendons become accustomed to severe stress, the chance of accidentally damaging them is drastically reduced. This, in turn, will make cardio training more intense: if you actively squat with a barbell, running on a hard surface will hardly cost you problems with your knees. However, this does not mean that you can afford carelessness!

Strengthening the musculoskeletal system

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This point could be combined with the previous one, but nevertheless, we focus attention separately: in addition to reducing the risk of injuries, strength training will save you from many Legit USA Pharmacy diseases of the musculoskeletal system. It is not by chance that they so often enter rehabilitation programs prescribed by doctors. As you know - to warn is better than cure!

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Inhibition of the aging process

It may be hard to believe in this, but it has been proven by Western scientists: strength training effectively inhibits the aging process. Moreover, this applies not only to the muscles, joints, ligaments and bones: the exercise exercises also impede the age-related decline in the level of metabolism. So they are relevant at any age!

Mood enhancement

This factor cannot be ignored. Power loads stimulate the active production of endorphins - "joy hormones" that improve your mood of neurotransmitters. Endorphins are produced during any physical activity - that is why we are always depressed, for a long time without movement. But it is strength training that especially affects their amount in the body, so working with weights is a guarantee of health not only for the body, but also for the spirit!

Try it!

We hope that all the above arguments were quite convincing. If you visit a fitness club, then nothing The program of training for weight loss at home will prevent you from diversifying your training with strength exercises, starting from the next lesson.

And those who prefer to workout outside the hall may think about purchasing a multistation: this is the best way to practice strength exercises at home. These expenses will surely pay off: very soon you will be convinced that you get much more benefit from training by adding running or cycling to work on a power simulator.


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