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Halotest from Balkan Pharmaceuticals – buy at the best price, reviews and a description of the drug

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Sustanon (Sustanon) to buy at the best value and with fast delivery in the online store. Halotest (10 mg / tab, 20 tab) from Balkan Pharmaceuticals provide detailed description and positive feedback.

Price for: 1 blister.

Packaging: 20 tab (blister).

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Active ingredient concentration: 10 mg / tab.

Manufacturer: SC Balkan Pharmaceuticals SRL (Moldova).

Active ingredient: Sustanon (Sustanon).

Box / manual: not available in batches from the manufacturer.

Storage conditions: dry and dark place (t ° < 25-27 ° C).

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Expiration date: 03.18 (inclusive, after that it will work for at least another two years).

Halotest (Sustanon, also sometimes called Halotest) is a powerful and fast-acting androgenic steroid for oral administration. As a sports doping, it is recommended exclusively for men. At the same time, it is used mainly in power courses and in the pre-competition period.

Sustanon: Property Description

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As a product of sports pharmacology, Sustanon is effectively used in order to increase strength, aggression and efficiency, develop the density and relief of muscles (without pronounced weight gain). Due to the specificity of the effect, the drug is most in demand in the martial arts, power and athletics sports, and is connected mainly during training or before competitions to increase the intensity and boost of physical indicators, respectively.

The basis of the drug is the active ingredient Sustanon (Sustanon), which is a steroid that is manufactured in tablet form (usually tablets or capsules). It is characterized by the predominant androgenic anabolic effect (almost 10 times more powerful than testosterone). It also has a fast activity eminence labs, which lasts up to 12-24 hours (half-life – up to 5-10 hours).

Sustanon (Halotest), as well as its direct analogues, was obtained by modifying the testosterone molecule in 3 positions: 1st modification – 17a-methyl group, which gives the tablets (or capsules) resistance to liver damage (on the other hand, makes them somewhat hepatotoxic ); 2nd modification – 11b-hydroxy group that prevents aromatization and adds anti-estrogen / antiprogestin properties; 3rd modification, the 9a-flutro group, enhances androgenicity. By the way, these 3 modifications form the name of the active testosterone propionate for sale substance.

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The chemical structure of Sustanon (Sustanon) is similar to that of methyltestosterone, also produced in tablet form. The mechanism of action of drugs Sustanon, unlike the structure, to this day is not fully understood: it is assumed that the steroid has a non-receptor effect on the muscles.

Sustanon: admission course

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Halotest (10 mg / tab, 20 tab) from Balkan Pharmaceuticals (Moldova) is accompanied by mostly positive reviews, which hints at the quality of the drug. But it is important to understand that it has a powerful androgenic effect, therefore it is recommended mainly to athletes experienced with sports pharmacology. For beginners and for women in the sport there is a wide range of relatively harmless and effective in the early stages of anabolic-androgenic steroids, from oxandrolone to testosterone propionate.

The working dosage of Sustanon is selected individually. On average, doses of no more than 20–40 mg per day are used (otherwise, a bias of the drug’s action towards side effects is not excluded, which is unacceptable and simply dangerous).

What is the average duration of Sustanon? As a rule, it is used for no longer than 2-4 full weeks. One of the reasons why Sustanon is not used for long courses (6+ whole weeks) is its hepatotoxicity (there is a strong toxicity to the liver, which, if abused, can provoke consequences).

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If the recommended dosage, duration and frequency of application, Sustanon's course seems to be relatively harmless (complications of androgenic nature, type of acne, oily skin, increased excitability, impaired libido, hair loss and prostate anomalies are likely to occur.

Since athletes buy steroids online with credit card use Sustanon for purposes other than their intended purpose, customer reviews in advance recommend consulting with a specialist experienced in sports pharmacology and excluding contraindications. By the way, individual advice is really available at the Forum from our partners. There is a composition of highly qualified experts for visitors.

Sustanon: where to buy?

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